Friday, May 21, 2010

Daisies for my friend...

This is a chocolate cake I did for my friend, Dana, for her birthday. I torted the cake and filled and iced it with chocolate ganashe. I've never made nor used ganashe before, but it was very easy, very yummy, and a perfect compliment to this particular cake. I cut out her initial in a fondant/gumpaste mix as well as daisies and a ribbon border. The initial turned out bigger than I had needed because it was actually supposed to sit on top of the border but I had to adjust. Overall, I'm pleased and can't wait to get a slice for myself tonight!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Peter Pan

This is a Peter Pan cake that I did for some friends of ours children. The cake ended up looking a little to "boy-ish" due to all the blue, so I added a some dots of color to help incorporate Tinkerbell's colors and make it a little more "girl-y". The image is an edible image (printed smaller than I had hoped). I couldn't find a treasure chest candle that didn't take 2-3 weeks for delivery so I decided to try and make one from a fondant and gumpaste mix. I hand painted it with icing color. I even put in "gold" (also from fondant). I really don't think the picture does it justice (I liked it). There are many things that did not turn out as my mind had envisioned it, though, but I hope they will be pleased nonetheless.