Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The 2013-14 School Year Has Begun

We started back to school yesterday.  Both the girls were excited and we had a pretty good day overall. 

I wanted to share our curriculum choices for the year.  I spent much time researching and debating on what would be best for Ella this year (as far as Language Arts is concerned).  We always use My Father's World as our base.  It is so biblically based and I absolutely love and highly recommend it.  It covers subjects such as Bible, History/Geography, Science, Music/Art, Read Aloud, and other enrichment activities.  The projects are always fun and really help reinforce the lessons.  It comes with A LOT of books so I am not going to take a picture of them all (see July 17 post to get an idea).  But they are all SOOOO good.  Leah is in first grade and she will get an overview of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.  Ella is in third grade so she started Exploring Countries and Cultures.  We will focus on how God loves all of the world and how to get involved and pray for all people.

Beginning in second grade, you have to supplement Language Arts and Math.  We actually started supplementing math in first grade and have chosen Alpha Omega Horizons.  We have been greatly pleased.

Though, again, I highly recommend MFW, I didn't like their choice of Language Arts for second grade.  Third grade is scheduled to be a continuation of second, so over the summer I set to researching what would be best for Ella this year.  I prayed over it and I must say, God (as always) came through.  Ella and I both loved every bit of LA yesterday.  I must say, it is quite a hodge podge of all different things, but I think this is best for her.  For Spelling, I chose Building Spelling Skills by Christian Liberty Press
For Grammar, I chose Language 3 by Abeka
For Reading, I chose Doors to Discovery by Christian Light Education.  The biblical/character lessons in these stories are astounding.  I couldn't be happier!!
Finally, for writing, I chose Daily 6-Trait Writing.  I must say, with this too, I am pleased.  

I never thought I would piece so many different things together...especially for just one subject...but I could not be happier with the choice.  It really seems to be exactly what she needed.  Praise the Lord we are off to a great year!!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mission Trip Crafts

I have wanted to go on a mission trip for soooo long.  I just want to do it as a family.  Our church offers several mission opportunities each year, but the youngest participants are in their teens.  This past June, my neighbor (Stacy) went on a mission trip with her church to Mexico.  It was a family mission trip.  Kids as young as 6 went!!  I couldn't believe it.  She said that the kids were active participants in hammering nails and painting (they built 2 houses) as well as playing with the local children.  She said , "Y'all should go with me next year."  I made sure I understood her correctly....we could go, even if we weren't members of her church??  "Absolutely!" was her reply.  Can I just say my heart flipped over a zillion times!! 

Our church has fundraisers to help defray the cost of mission trips.  Well, we won't have that help as we aren't going with our church.  So, I am making some crafts to sell to help raise the money.  I know it may take us a couple of years, but I believe that if we are obedient to the call to go, God WILL bless! 

Here are a few of the things I've made.  I really hope to get a new vinyl machine before long and I can do much more!  In the meantime, everything here is able to be personalized to your preference (name, initials, colors, sayings, scripture, etc).  These are just examples.  Please share with your friends and help send our family to Mexico!!

12x12 decorative tile $22

12x12 decorative tile $20

12x12 decorative tile $20

6x6 desktop tile $10

8x14 floating frame $25

Post it note holder $7

Santa cookie plate $13

Christmas decorative plate $13

Etched glass Christmas ornament $8.50

Etched glass candle holder or vase $10

Name tumbler $12

Initial tumbler $12

Auburn tumbler $13 (would be cute with a paw print too)

Alabama tumbler $12

Peanut butter fudge tray $20

Chocolate chocolate chip cake $22

Almond cream cheese pound cake $20

Sock-it-to-me cake $20