Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nanny's Dressing

Nanny was famous for her chicken and dressing.  I am so thankful that she taught me how to make it.  In the past, however, I have always made it without the chicken...just the dressing.  But this year, in memory of her, I did it her way.  I boiled the whole chicken, picked it apart, and put it in the dressing.  I must say, it was sooo good.  I have her dish that she used to make it in and so this was the first time I ever REALLY did it just like her.  At first, everyone thought, "wow...think you made enough dressing?"  But, every bite was eaten :)  I am so happy to have this passed down from her.  I think she would've been proud.

Pupmkin Roll

This is my first attempt at a pumpkin roll.  My old boss used to make the most delicious pumpkin rolls and luckily she agreed to share her recipe with me (5 years ago)!  Well, I finally got around to trying it.  I guess I've always avoided it because I thought it was hard, but it wasn't...it was so easy!!  And the best part is it tasted good too :)  I did forget to put in the pecans, but it was yummy still.  These are the first few pix so you can't really see the swirl too good, but as we got more into it, it had a pretty white swirl in the center.  Mmmmm....perfect for the holidays!

Monday, November 7, 2011


My Nanny was one of my best friends.  I can't believe it has been nine days since she went to live with the Lord.  I wish I could state all of the reasons I loved her, but that would just be impossible.  Right now my heart is heavy because I am so used to callling her every day and I miss sharing those conversations with her.  She has always been a constant for me.  Life has been full of change but she has been the one thing (rather, one of the few things) that never changed.  I would make a point to visit her every 3-4 months and I could always look forward to cheese gravy and biscuits for breakfast and her famous chicken and dressing for dinner.  The pastor mentioned at her funeral that she was just such a humble person.  What a true statement.  "Going home" always grounded me.  It is so easy to get caught up in the rat race of life here, but there I was reminded of what is really important.  She endured what I pray I will never have to with the death of two of her three children and her spouse.  I can only imagine what a reunion that was!  But, the rest of us are left to miss her terribly.  Even my sweet Leah has woken up a couple of times crying for her.  Talk about breaking your heart!  I wish I had a better picture to share, but she despised getting her picture taken and so this will have to do.  It was taken in September at our last visit.  Ella said with a laugh that Nanny whispered in her ear, "I hate getting my picture made." 

Well, no more pictures Nanny.  Just the sweet memories that are forever in our hearts.  You are loved more that you know and are missed more that words can say.