Sunday, June 30, 2013

Reveal Cake

This is a gender reveal cake that I did for some church members of ours.  The cake batter was dyed BLUE :)  This is how they chose to reveal the gender to their parents.  Cute, huh?  Hopefully, I will figure out how to get the picture she texted me off my phone and put it on here to show you the actual reveal.

Camping Trip

We have been trying to take the girls camping for quite a while now.  Seems like every time we plan a trip, something happens....the weather is usually the culprit, taking a turn for the worse.  Well, it happened yet again.  We had planned a trip to the lake and it ended up raining so much that the area was under a flash flood watch.  So, we decided to go camping in the back yard.  We made smores in the firepit and pitched the tent in the back yard.  Once it got dark, Leah lasted a total of 5 minutes and said that she didn't like all the noises outside and she was going in (Daddy was already there).  Ella and I lasted until around midnight when it began to lightning.  It was just heat flashes of it, but that was enough for her to pack it up and bring it in.  Here are a few pix of our "camping trip."

Mother's Day and a Field Trip

This past Mother's Day, my brother invited us (along with my Mom) to go to the Renaissance Fair in Georgia.  We don't all often get a chance to hang out together so it was a nice chance to do so.  Just wanted to share a few pix from the day.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

More School Stuff............

Posters, Timelines, and More !!  :-)
I just wanted to show a few things for those of you who may choose My Father's World Curriculum.  There are several ways to do things, I am just sharing ours.

First, this is the Names of Jesus Poster that Ella had to do in second grade.  Every two weeks, she learned a new name of Jesus as well as the verse that went along with it.  In addition to this, I used a book called God's Names by Sally Michael.  Both girls, and I, enjoyed learning about these names and what they mean and how they describe God and His character.
 Leah (kindergarten) was working through the letters and so she got to make a poster as well.  Each week she learned a new letter along with something that it stands for and a truth about God.  For example, A is for Apple...If I stay in Jesus, I will bear much fruit.  I love this because even now she will walk outside and see the sun and say "Jesus is the Light of the World."
 Each year we have to do a timeline.  The first year, I made life hard for myself and cut strips of posterboard.  Last year I got smart and used bulletin board border.  I just place the Command poster strips behind it and go from one side of the wall to the other.
 So, I must confess, this is not an original idea.  It came from Pinterest.  By the way, whoever invented that sight is pretty smart.  What a good idea!  I get sooo many ideas from there.  Anyway, I put these little eggs together right around Easter and it was a fun way for Leah to practice her blends.
All in all, nothing earth shattering, just a few of the things we do throughout the year and how we have chosen to do them :-)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Homeschool PE

We joined the YMCA in April.  One thing I found out they had was homeschool PE.  So, we signed up for the month of May.  The girls really enjoyed it, but I am not convinced we will do it again when school starts back (shhh...haven't told the girls that yet though).  The only real reason is because it makes for such a long day.  We had to do school first thing and be super diligent to get it all in  and lunch to be at the YMCA by 12:30.  PE lasted until 2pm then we ran home for a minute then to art class by 3:45 with pickup at 4:45.  Then, rush home to eat supper and be at church by 6:10 until 7:45.  Just makes for such a long day.  I know it's only one day a week, and there are lots of benefits;  hence why a decision has not yet been made.  Fun fact:  the leader's name is Cantina....same as my sweet cousin.  You just don't run into many of those. 

Wonder World

The first thing we participated in was a trip to Wonder World in Prattville.  The girls got to roller skate and play on inflatables.  They had LOTS of fun with this!
The girls hugging the wall.  Didn't take them long, though, to get the hang of it.
Group photo.  Look at all those poor undersocialized homeschool kids ;)


The next Wednesday was swim day.  Clearly, this needs no explanation.  And, if you know my girls, you know this was a hit!
They are in the pink and purple (if you can't tell).

Horseback Riding and Archery

The last class was horseback riding and archery.  This was Ella's absolute favorite since she wants us to move to a horse farm ASAP.  She is quite the little persuader...always trying to convince me of why we need a horse and how it is completely doable.  Leah was scared so they let Ella ride with her and then let Ella make a round by herself.  Afterwards, they got to do some archery.  Ella liked it and had tried it before at Kids Camp at church but Leah chose not to participate in this one.  Shocker.


Another Furry Family Member

This is Tippy.  We got her in March from the animal shelter.  We had been without a cat for a little over a year and the girls and I were going crazy.  But, since Daddy is in charge, we had to wait on the okay from him and it finally came.  I wasted no time (couldn't let him change his mind ;) I left work early the next day and brought her home as a surprise to the girls.  We have had her almost three months now and she is quite a character.  A happy addition to the Roughton household.

Mother's Day Craft

This is what I made for my mom for Mother's Day.  Well, actually my neighbor Stacy mostly made it :)  I had seen similar things on Pinterest and knew I wanted to do something for my mom with this saying on it.  So, it is on a tile and I bought her a plate stand to use.  It now sits on her kitchen counter :)

Walking for a Cause

So, one day the girls and I were doing school.  My mom called from work and double checked my email address and said she was sending me something.  I said "okay" and she hung up.  A few minutes later, I checked my email and found a medical report of hers that stated among other things "extensive intraductal carcinoma with infiltrating lesion"  in other words....she has breast cancer.  Talk about feeling like you have been punched in the gut.  I cried from the absolute pit of my stomach.  The same way I cry when someone I love dearly dies.  To me, that was my fear.  I only have one other experience with breast cancer and that was a friend of mine who didn't have a good outcome.  Well, I guess that depends on how you look at it.  She is as the feet of Jesus right now so that is a good thing, just happened too soon from our human perspectives.  My mind went straight to her and that's all I could see for my sweet momma.

Rock on a bit and we met with the breast cancer surgeon who got the ball rolling quickly.  She was soon scheduled for a mastectomy.  And I am so grateful to say, the path report was as good as could be expected.  No lymph node involvement and they believe that the surgery got it all.  The oncologist did other tests that determined according to the DNA of her cancer the likelihood of reoccurance is minimal and she wouldn't need chemo.  PRAISE THE LORD!!!  He has/is sooooo good to us!!!

Mom works for Neurosurgery and Spine Associates in Montgomery (Dr's Bradley, Kendrick, and Pirofsky).  They (as well as the entire office) were so incredibly supportive of my mom.  They sponsored her in the Walk for Life.  Here are some pictures of some of those great people!!!
The folks from Mom's office.  We all said how great it will be to do this walk again next year WITH her!!

The shirts they made for her with her initials in the heart.

Here we go.....

A turn at the Capital....
Finally :)
 I just cannot thank everyone enough.  Y'all will forever hold a special place in my heart for loving and supporting my mom the way you have!!