Monday, March 28, 2011

Nurse Cake

For those of you who don't know, I'm a clinical educator the the ER at Baptist South. For the last couple of months, my cohort (Dana) and I have been leading the first ED Nurse Residency group each week. This week is our last meeting together as a group so I decided to make them a cake. Per Dana's request, it is chocolate....with chocolate chips inside, chocolate buttercream icing, and chocolate glaze on top! The decorations are all a fondant/gumpaste mix. I made a stethoscope, bandaids, a bottle of pills, a nurse cap, an injection syringe, and a rhythm strip. The first two pix are the completed cake, but then I also put a couple of close ups of the decorations. Hope they like it!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Baby Shower Cake and Crickets

Ok...hoping the title got your attention :) This is really two posts in one.
First, I wanted to share a picture of a baby shower cake I did for my friend Dana's sister-in-law. The design and colors were to match her bedding. The bow is not the greatest as I consistently do a not so good job with those. But, I must say, I am happy with the way the initial design came out. The A is for Amelia...pretty name, huh? I like old, feminine names.

Second, I had to share about our day today. This is really the first post I have done about the kids as my blog has taken quite the theme turn. Anyway, today we devoted to fishing. But I must say, the comment heard most often (other than "when am I going to catch a fish?) was "I want to pet it." Pet what? you ask.....the cricket of course! They had to pet each cricket before it was placed on the hook. These girls were too excited over petting the crickets that I had to share a picture of each of them actually holding one. The other pictures are of them fishing. It was a great day....even though NO fish were caught!
Leah with her cricket
Ella with hers